La Semeuse


Thank you for visiting Café La Semeuse,

VersaillesPlease accept my humblest apologies for the current absence of our coffee in America. We are working diligently to re-establish an infrastructure to once again make Café La Semeuse available to you.

The former U.S. importer/distributor was a completely independent company and internal conflicts led to this unexpected end to their business. They abruptly discontinued operations with no notice to you—or to us.

We, in Switzerland, can guarantee the quality and taste of your coffee. However, your satisfaction must be earned everyday by prompt and attentive customer service, as it was for more than 25 years before this recent ‘surprise’. It is our imperative to affiliate with a company that shares the promise to respect, uphold and extend this commitment to our clients.

We are fortunate that Café La Semeuse lovers, without compare, have always been passionately committed. Your loyalty is our greatest asset. Your word-of-mouth is, quite simply, the reason we succeeded in the US for these decades.

That is why this failure is particularly poignant. It is not just lost business for us. Your disappointment is heartfelt. We have always cherished your embrace of my family’s coffee.

As soon as a new arrangement is finalized, if you would like to be notified, please contact us here in Switzerland at : - If you know of others who would value being informed, please share this contact.

With gratitude to all our clientele-consumers, specialty food merchants and restaurants---for your years of support, hoping that we will regain your trust and resume our relationship, we look forward to soon refilling your cups with Café La Semeuse.

Marc Bloch
Owner and Director of
CH-2300 La Chaux-de-Fonds